Downloading your running workouts



You can also download this video by "right clicking" on this link and selecting "save as"


Downloading Information

Upon purchasing the Treadmill Trainer program(s) you will receive an email which contains one (or several links). These links are your gateway to downloading the MP3 workouts and accompanying PDF files that come with the Treadmill Trainer workouts.

Click on each link to download the files onto your computer’s hard drive. Each MP3 file is compressed in zip format (in order to speed download time), so ensure that once they are on your computer you “unzip” or “decompress” the files.

Once the files are on your computer you can then upload them to the appropriate software to get them onto your MP3 player.

Download Instructions:

1. Open the welcome email that was sent to you (from Total Wellness Consulting) upon purchasing your program(s).

2. Click the download link(s) to download the workout(s) to your computer's desktop.

3. A "File Download" box will appear asking you to "Open", "Save", or "Cancel".

4. Choose "Save" to save the program to your desktop and then allow the program to download (may take several minutes).

5. Find the newly downloaded program (which is in a zipped folder) on your desktop and RIGHT CLICK on the icon (should look like a locked folder).

6. A drop-down menu will appear.

7. Select "Extract files..." to unzip the folder and release its contents.

8. The folder's contents (ie. your workouts) will automatically be saved into a normal looking folder (ie. unzipped) and are now ready to be accessed and uploaded your player of choice.

For iPods (using iTunes):

1. Note the name of the folder in which the downloaded workout (MP3) files have been saved.

2. Open iTunes.

3. Click on "File" on the top left of the iTunes window - a drop down menu will appear.

4. Select “Add Folder to Library…” – add folder in which your downloaded (and unzipped) files have been saved.

5. Your MP3 workouts are now ready to upload to your iPod.

6. Simply click and drag the desired MP3 workouts from your iTunes library onto the iPod icon (on the left hand panel of iTunes).

7. You’re all set to go!


For MP3 players (using Windows Media Player):

1. Note the name of the folder in which the downloaded MP3 files have been saved.

2. Open Windows Media Player

3. Click on the small triangular button (top right corner) to drop down menu.

4. Select "File" from the little arrow near the top corner of the Windows Media Player window.

5. Select “Add to Library” from the drop down list.

6. Select “Add folder…” – add folder in which your unzipped MP3 workout files have been saved.

7. You’re now ready to upload the workouts onto your MP3 player.

8. Click and drag the desired workout files into the "Playlist" section of Windows Media Player.

9. Once all your workout files have been put into the "Playlist" section, click on "Start Sync" for the upload to your MP3 player to begin.